• DBK Co., LTD is a specialized company which handles extensive range
    of Ergonomics through endless changes and innovation.


    It is good to meet you here, where the past, present, and future co-exists.

    DBK Co., LTD has changed it’s company name from DUOBACK KOREA to DBK
    in order to express our enthusiasm towards Ergonomic products,
    including not only chairs, but also other Ergonomic items.
    Afterwards, we have also launched a ‘Health Care Store – Real Comfort’,
    as well as launching new products for children and ladies showing
    our unique products and services.
    We, DBK Co. LTD, operate under the management philosophy of
    “Your comfort is our Happiness” and would do our best to make a better,
    comfortable tomorrow.
    I would also like to thank all of our customers for all the support
    we have received over the years, and will do our best to reply
    with good products and services.
    Thank you.

    Chief Executive Officer DUOBACK Co., Ltd
    JUNG, Kwan-Young