thum1 Most our life, we spend with chairs wherever we are. To avoid personal injury headache, low back pain and fatigue with
many pressure by the general chairs, Ergonomic environment adjusted workstation can improve comfort and reduce
the risk of long term injury of your healthy.

We apply for ergonomics to our all work environments, companies can have lots of experiences to affect various works
benefits for our active work and our most wellness. According to Many demonstrated reports, most employees have
got positive reaction to this demonstrated care for health yields a variety of benefits.

Ergonomics program can give many people who definitely need a significant factors in their life.


thum1 Our sitting in a proper posture can be affected to blood circulation. Ergonomic sitting is able to give human a significant
increase in word recall resulted from the inhalation of oxygen for 1 minute prior to hearing a world list.
(Moss and Scholey, 1966)

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a technique used to investigate the functional activity of the brain. The PET technique
allows doctors to study the normal processes of the brain (central nervous system) of normal individuals and patients with
neurologic illnesses without physical / structural damage to the brain.

When a region of the brain is active, it uses more fuel in the form of oxygen and sugar (glucose). As the brain uses more fuel
it produces more waste products, carbon dioxide and water. Blood carries fuel to the brain and waste products away from the brain.
As brain activity increases blood flow to and from the area of
activity increases also. Knowing these facts, researchers can use radioactive water (H215O) and PET scans to observe what areas
of the brain are receiving more blood flow.


thum1 DUOREST® dual backrests support one’s back firmly without exerting pressure on the spine and distribute the pressure to the left
and right back muscles effectively, by which DUOREST® split-back system creates a massaging effect on the entire back musculature,
alleviating fatigue.
An experience on a DUOREST® ergonomic chair is equivalent to a muscle relaxation therapy. In order to understand the benefits

and effects of massage, it is important to consider how the body responds physiologically. Massage involves two types of responses
for mechanical responses as a result of pressure and movement as the soft tissues are manipulated reflex responses in which
the nerves respond to stimulation.


thum1 3-D movable connecting rubber equipped in DUOREST® split-back system allows the dual backrests to swivel in any direction
as the user leans on the backrest.
This flexible movement at DUOREST® split-back system elevates the waist and enables its spine and muscles firmly embraced by
the backrests. As a result, the pressure on the lumbar vertebra is
reduced by 30~50% as compared to conventional chairs. Sitting balance control directly affects transfer performance

An appropriate sitting position is fundamental to providing a stable base of support for transfer activities. A sense of position
in space is another crucial factor when attempting a transfer.
In addition, the ability to precisely and accurately control intentional movements of the center of gravity in different
directions is important.